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Bathroom Water Damage Repair Services

Bathroom water damage is by far one of the most common occurrences faced by homeowners. Old, outdated plumbing in older properties can cause a slow water leak or result in a burst pipe with rapid and significant flood damage. Sewage system backups that overflow tubs and toilets is an unforgettable event one never hopes to experience. Whatever the source, finding and correcting the cause and taking steps to begin proper bathroom water damage repairs is critical. Water rapidly penetrates and acts as a wick for porous building structures such as drywall, baseboards, and bathroom cabinets, A dark damp environment behind building structures, under flooring and inside cabinets combined with poor ventilation provides an optimum breeding ground for the growth and spread of toxic mold.  Fortunately, costs and stress can be minimized with immediate and appropriate responses.

Proper management of water damage is determined by standards defined by IICRC Certification for water damage restoration and mold remediation. This is based on the source and extent of the water damage, the length of time that has elapsed and whether the water is clean or dirty. Costs will be lower when  water damage is minimal, from a clean water source such as a leaking or burst pipe and appropriate repairs are begun within 72 hours, After this window, even water from a clean source must be managed as a dirty water event since the growth of mold and bacteria pose serious risks to people and pets. What you’re about to learn on this website can keep you and your family safe, save you considerable costs and reduce your stress when it comes to water damage repairs.

Continuing Effects of Water Damage
Minutes, Hours and Days After Water Damage
Water Damage after Minutes

Within Minutes

  • Water spreads to other areas and rapidly increases the scope and cleanup of the damage.
  • Dyes released from furniture discolor carpet.
  • Drywall and base molding absorb water rapidly.
Water Damage after Hours

Within Hours

  • Furniture begins to delaminate, split or swell.
  • Pressboard swells and disintegrates
  • Bacterial odor develops.
Water Damage in Days

Within Days

  • Fungus begins to appear with a musty odor.
  • Metal surfaces begin to rust.
  • Respiratory health problems can occur.
  • Water damaged contents can’t be salvaged.
  • Damage costs escalate.

Our 6 Step Process to Bathroom Water Damage Repairs

  • Identify & Eliminate the Source of the Problem

    During a free inspection and estimate, we thoroughly analyze your bathroom water damage problem. Upon selecting our services, we take immediate steps to stop the source, minimize damage and maximize your insurance claim benefit.

  • Analyze Hidden Building Structures

    Through high-tech infrared thermal imaging, we accurately detect water behind building structures, moldings, and cabinets that are likely to be missed by visual inspection alone.

  • Safeguard Building Structures & Property

    We use commercial equipment to rapidly dry and dehumidify affected building structures and personal property. We use containment to prevent the spread of mold. We base our measures on standards defined by IICRC Certification for water damage restoration and mold remediation.

  • Structural Drying & Dehumidification

    We use a dehumidification and drying process with industrial equipment that removes moisture, water vapor and humidity. Through daily measurements, we determine the exact drying time requirements.

  • Determine the Need for Mold Remediation

    Not all mold is toxic but any kind of mold in significant quantities is a risk to health. Before performing mold remediation, we recommend and unbiased mold inspection and testing by a 3rd party licensed and ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) company.

  • Cleaning, Repairs, Restoration

    Your bathroom restoration includes proper and timely repairs as well as cleaning and deodorizing soft structures. Our cost-effective and state-of-the-art bathroom remodeling services leave your property better than new. We work with your insurance company to maximize coverage for property restoration following water damage.

Signs of a Bathroom Water Leak
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Warped, cracked or stained walls, baseboards, floors or ceilings
  • Persistent moisture on walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, and furnishings
  • The sound of running water when the water is turned off
  • Discoloration and depressions in flooring
  • Spongy or soft areas when walking on floor
  • Buckling, cracked or stained flooring
  • The presence of a musty odor or visible mildew or mold
  • A sewer odor coming from plumbing fixtures
  • Excessively high water bills that are unexplained by another cause
About Armstrong Water Damage Repair Services
Here’s what you can expect from Armstrong as a licensed, bonded, certified and insured water damage repair service contractor.
  • Our immediate goal is to insure your safety and accurately identify the reason for, extent of and duration of your flood damage.
  • With your agreement, we work in your behalf to assure maximum insurance claim reimbursement based on your policy, claim and our analysis.
  • By following IICRC water damage protocols, we implement the most appropriate practices that allow us to safely contain and manage your category of flood damage.
  • When relocation is necessary, we help you find suitable accommodations for your family and pets.
  • We protect and restore personal property that can be salvaged.
  • We own and maintain specialized equipment that allows us to dry and dehumidify building structures in locations where access is more difficult.
  • We use advanced moisture detection equipment to accurately monitor the effectiveness of our drying and dehumidifying process.
  • We are able to rapidly extract water and dry building structures through use of industrial equipment
  • We act as project managers to assure a safe, quality and efficient work flow. This includes ongoing communications with specialty contractors involved in your project such as roofers, plumbers, carpenters and landscapers.
  • We rely on the inspection and testing from a certified and unbiased mold environmental company to validate the need for and extent of mold remediation services.
  • We act swiftly and responsibly to get your property managed and restored to a better than new condition.
Water Damage Repair Service FAQs

What are common causes of water damage?

Some of the more common causes of water damage include:

  • Flooding from storm damage that may include thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms and hurricanes
  • Leaking appliances, water heaters and plumbing
  • Leaking roofs
  • Settling or depression of ground under foundations and concrete slabs
  • Sewer backups
  • Flooding as a result of firefighting efforts

When do I need water damage repair?

Even a relatively minor flood can allow water to seep behind cabinets, baseboards, flooring and building structures. You may believe that you adequately mopped up all the water. But when it comes to structures that are hidden from your view, proper drying is unlikely. Without appropriate drying and dehumidification, water can result in irreversible structural damage. A warm, moist, dark environment behind building structures and cabinets provides an ideal breeding ground for mold. Within 48-72 hours, Mold rapidly replicates and spreads to other areas of your home. Hiring a water damage repair professional can be a relatively minor expense to prevent catastrophic damage when left untreated.

Water damage repair services are performed by a state licensed, insured and certified contractor to assure safe, quality and appropriate intervention. Water damage repair can consist of extraction, structural drying, and repair and/or replacement of affected building structures, appliances and materials. It also includes cleaning to restore water damaged furniture, draperies, carpets, tile flooring, and personal property.

What should I do if I suspect a water leak?

Water leaks can be the result of faulty plumbing, roofing, gutters and other building materials in poor condition. They can occur from the movement of the ground below foundations and concrete slaps. Signs of a water leak include water stains on ceilings, walls and along baseboards. The staining may be associated with cracking, peeling paint. When a musty odor is present with or without visible mold, it is likely that water leak damage has occurred for some time.

If you have or suspect a water leak, water leak detection services are a must. Armstrong is an experienced reputable water damage service company. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate for water leak detection and repair services. The inspection consists of a thorough analysis to determine the source and a plan to eliminate the problem and restore the property to a like new condition.

How do you help homeowners with insurance claims?

We have specialized knowledge and experience in working closely with insurance companies for water damage, mold remediation and fire damage. Because of our ethics and reputation for strictly adhering to IICRC certification requirements, Armstrong is one of only a few water damage, mold and restoration companies to be on the approved and recommended list by some of the leading homeowners’ insurance companies.

We are able to read through the legalese within your policy to determine exactly what is covered as well as the specific terms. We provide your insurance carrier with detailed itemized documents for all damages including pictures and descriptions that accurately define replacement needs and costs. This allows us to work in your behalf to expedite claims and maximize your benefits for covered expenses.

What types of expenses does insurance cover?

Each insurance company has their own policy benefits, exclusions, deductibles and premium costs for water damage, floods, roof leaks and sewer backup events.

Why should I choose Armstrong services?

We are a fully licensed, certified and insured contractor in Florida. For more than three decades, our experience, training and values for integrity, quality and dependable services have made us a trusted water, mold, fire and restoration contractor.

Unlike some of our competitors, we follow IICRC standards to assure safe and appropriate practices. This means that customers are not overcharged for unnecessary and costly demolition and restoration of their property. We are one of a few trusted residential contractors for water damage, mold remediation and restoration services by leading homeowner insurance companies.

We respond 24/7 within a 2-hour response time to water damage and mold service calls within Southwest Florida. The inspection and estimate are free. We stand behind all of our work with an unconditional guarantee for quality, workmanship and dependable service. If you are looking for one-stop total peace of mind service, call us. Even if you worked with another company for repairs and restoration, call us for ongoing maintenance.

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