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The Effects of Mold on Your Health – Hidden Costs of Not Eliminating a Mold Problem

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Health Problems from Mold that Compromise Income, Productivity, and Sense of Wellbeing


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Common Health Problems From Mold

Black mold is a greenish black mold that is known to be toxic through its release of mycotoxins. All types of mold can produce health problems when present in significant amounts. Without rapid and appropriate containment and removal, mold grows rapidly and continues to spread. Health problems associated with significant mold exposure include respiratory infections, breathing problems, asthma, allergies, eye irritation, irritation of nose and throat, coughing and headaches. The elderly, children and people with respiratory problems are at greater risk.

Economic, Employment and Emotional Consequences of Mold Exposure

Ongoing mold exposure is associated with negative economic, employment and stress-related consequences. An illness may reduce income by making it difficult to work. Children who are ill and not able to attend school require additional caregiver resources. That means more missed work time when a parent has to stay home with their sick child. Additional doctor visits cost time and money. There is no doubt that illness affects performance and pleasure in work, sports, entertainment – all producing a poor quality of life overall. And the health problems worsen as the mold exposure increases in severity.

Property Value and Resale Consequences

A mold problem doesn’t resolve on its own. When left unaddressed, mold quickly gets worse as mold growth rapidly replicates. The costs of replacing building structures and personal property escalates with progressive damage. But nowhere is the cost greater than the decline in property value. A mold-infested property is extremely difficult to sell except at wholesale prices for limited numbers of investors. Declining property value and resale potential produce a great deal of emotional stress. This also takes its toll on health and wellbeing.

Important Mold Questions and Answers

When does mold become a problem?

Mold is a form of fungus that is everywhere. Mold generates spores that travel through doors and windows and through HVAC systems. But it takes the right conditions for mold to grow. Where there is a warm, moist, humid environment with poor ventilation, mold grows rapidly. Within 48-72 hours after a flood or other improperly contained water damage event, a significant mold problem can start and spread throughout a home. Often there is a musty odor associated with a mold problem.

In high enough concentrations whether they are “toxic” or not, all forms of mold are known to cause health problems. When a mold infestation of any type is present, mold remediation is recommended.

What should I do if I suspect a mold problem?

If you find mold growing on ceilings, walls, baseboards or furnishings or notice a musty odor, it is likely that you have a mold problem that should be evaluated by professionals. For the safety of your family, removing people and pets from the area of concern is your first recommended action. Avoid handling or disturbing the mold or attempting to clean it up with disinfectants or bleach. Contain the mold by turning off heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This will prevent dispersing mold spores through HVAC systems into other locations. Contact Armstong Water Mold Cleanup & Restorations immediately for a free inspection and estimate.

What is black mold?

Black mold, a greenish-black fungus prevalent in flood-damaged properties, produces mycotoxins that are associated with respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, eye irritation, irritation of nose and throat, coughing and headaches. The elderly, children and people with respiratory problems are at greater risk.

When is mold dangerous?

Regardless of the type of mold, all mold becomes dangerous when it multiples into colonies from ideal mold growth conditions. This generally occurs within 24-48 hours after water damage. Conditions that favor mold growth include a substantial or persistent source of water or moisture where the environment is dark and poorly ventilated. The source can be flooding from severe weather, a sewer backup, broken appliance, burst pipe or a leaking roof, plumbing leak or high humidity event.

When and how are mold testing done?

Mold remediation services are costly and time-intensive. When a mold infestation is present, it is recommended that mold inspection and testing be performed by an unbiased 3rd party licensed and ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist company. These specially trained professionals provide inspection reports that document visible mold, the source, and extent of mold contamination and make recommendations for mold cleanup according to nationally accepted industry standards such as S-520 and S-500.

What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is a multi-step process that identifies and eliminates the mold source, prevents the spread of mold spores, decontaminates affected building structures and personal property, removes the mold and restores the property to its pre-loss condition. In areas where mold has penetrated porous or absorbent surfaces such as carpets, drywall, cabinets, counter-tops, wallpaper and ceiling tiles; affected materials are removed and discarded.

Mold remediation is performed by professionals who have special training and equipment for eliminating mold through special cleaning methods or protocols defined in IICRC certifications. These protocols use containment methods to prevent the release and spread of mold spores during the cleanup. Mold remediation is recommended when black mold is present and when there is a mold infestation where mold will continue to spread. Armstrong has multiple IICRC certifications that assure compliance with protocols for water damage repairs and mold remediation.

What can i expect during mold remediation?

This is what you can expect during the mold remediation process:

  • Provide an inspection and no cost to you.
  • Determine the source and location of the mold.
  • Recommend an unbiased 3rd party mold inspection and testing by an ACAC certified indoor environmentalist company.
  • Contain the mold per IICRC mold protocols.
  • Remove mold and mold-infested materials.
  • Clean contaminated contents and personal items.
  • Repair and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

What is mold cleanup restoration?

After toxic mold or a mold infestation of any type is safely removed through IICRC mold remediation protocols, restoring the property to its pre-damaged condition is the final step. During this phase, we repair and replace all building structures and other materials that were removed during demolition and cleanup. This may include replacement of flooring, drywall, baseboards, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles and other affected structures.

Restoration services include cleaning and odor removal for affected furnishings, tile and grout and personal property that can safely be salvaged.  AC duct cleaning is also performed to remove mold spores that could spread throughout the home. During this time, the homeowner can purchase and replace discarded soft surfaces such as draperies, pillows, linens, and upholstered furniture.

What types of properties do you repair and restore?

Armstrong repairs and restores residential and commercial properties through SW Florida. This includes single family homes, condos and commercial properties where the building is a maximum of three stories.

How do you help homeowners with insurance claims?

We have specialized knowledge and experience in working closely with insurance companies for water damage, mold remediation and fire damage. Because of our ethics and reputation for strictly adhering to IICRC certification requirements, Armstrong is one of only a few water damage, mold and restoration companies to be on the approved and recommended list by some of the leading homeowners’ insurance companies.

We are able to read through the legalese within your policy to determine exactly what is covered as well as the specific terms. We provide your insurance carrier with detailed itemized documents for all damages including pictures and descriptions that accurately define replacement needs and costs. This allows us to work in your behalf to expedite claims and maximize your benefits for covered expenses.

What types of expenses does insurance cover?

Each insurance company has their own policy benefits, exclusions, deductibles and premium costs for water damage, floods, roof leaks and sewer backup events.

Why should I choose Armstrong services?

We are a fully licensed, certified and insured contractor in Florida. For more than three decades, our experience, training and values for integrity, quality, and dependable services have made us a trusted water, mold, fire and restoration contractor.

Unlike some of our competitors, we follow IICRC standards to assure safe and appropriate practices. This means that customers are not overcharged for unnecessary and costly demolition and restoration of their property. We are one of a few trusted residential contractors for water damage, mold remediation and restoration services by leading homeowner insurance companies.

We respond 24/7 within a 2-hour response time to water damage and mold service calls within Southwest Florida. The inspection and estimate are free. We stand behind all of our work with an unconditional guarantee for quality, workmanship and dependable service. If you are looking for one-stop total peace of mind service, call us. Even if you worked with another company for repairs and restoration, call us for ongoing maintenance.

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