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You can rely on Armstrong to get the job done. We are also a certified general contractor (Florida Residential Contractor’s License #L1607070001182), and we provide services such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, dry wall, and ceiling repair, along with other things. We are a painting company that specializes in both exterior and interior painting.


Armstrong of Southwest Florida is committed to provide full service restoration, cleaning and repair services to its customers in the area. Whether you want interior and exterior painting as a result of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold infestation, or just require house or building remodeling, contact Armstrong at (239) 592-3777 today for a free on-site evaluation and quote.

What are the benefits of hiring interior and exterior painting services?

  • Increase the value of the property.
  • Provide protection for business and residential properties against the elements.
  • Restore the damage caused by storms, floods, water leaks, mold, smoke, and fire to its original condition.
  • Make your property stand out from the crowd.

Exterior Painting Process

  • When you’re ready to hire Armstrong for your exterior painting services, you’ll work with an estimator who will provide a straightforward estimate for the complete job with no hidden fees.

    • An estimator will be dispatched to the project location in order to collect all of the necessary information.
    • A free, no-obligation estimate will be provided.
    • Exterior house painting is scheduled as quickly as possible
    • An estimator offers you with a timetable for your project.
    • Color consultations with our color professionals are available.
  • Meticulous Preparation

    • Cleaning all surfaces to ensure that any mildew or mold is removed
    • Scraping off any loose paint and prepping any shiny areas by scuffing and sanding them are important steps in the painting process.
    • Caulk is being used to seal any openings that may allow water to enter in the future.
  • Exterior Painting

    • Our team will prime all painted surfaces to guarantee that your property has a consistent finish.
    • We use only the highest-quality paints to paint our surfaces.
    • We clean up all tools and materials in and around your home at the end of each day, and we inspect the job with you after it is completed to assure your complete satisfaction with the results.

Interior Painting Process

  • The removal of all furniture and blinds must be completed away from the painting surface

    You may choose to have us complete this task for you or you can save a little money by completing it yourself.

  • Using a covering or masking technique

    The process will begin with the covering or masking off of any surfaces that are not going to be painted. Plastic will be used to protect any furniture or flooring in order to prevent potential damage.

  • Drywall

    The drywall will be fixed before the painting process begins if there are any holes, cracks, or missing texture.

  • Cleaning

    Before we begin, we must verify that the surface is clean and dry. We will wipe down all surfaces to guarantee the best possible paint adhesion.

  • Caulking

    A new caulking job will be performed if any cracks are found around the baseboards, windows, or doors.

  • Scarping and Sanding

    Scarping and sanding are two methods of preparing a surface. Before we begin painting, we will scrape away any loose paint and sand any areas that require it, if necessary.

  • Painting

    Usually, we spray the ceilings first to ensure an even coat of paint is applied and then paint the walls with two coats of paint. We utilize 12″ or 18″ rollers, depending on the work, and we keep a moist edge while rolling from ceiling to floor to ensure a smooth finish.

  • Cutting In

    Painting the Edges and “Cutting in” It requires talent and expertise to paint the edges and “cut in” properly. To achieve the greatest results, we utilize deliberate, lengthy strokes throughout the procedure.

  • Cleanup

    Once the painting is completed, our personnel will remove all of the coverings and masking. Our personnel will clean up after themselves and leave no trace.

  • Inspection

    Every completed interior painting job is examined for quality by the foreman of the crew, and you will have an opportunity to study the inspection report before signing off on the job.

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