Laundry Room Renovation

A laundry room is essential if you want your space to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Laundry rooms are becoming more and more common in our homes, even those on the smaller side. Any home with a spare room can have a laundry room, and designing one really pays off. Laundering, drying, and folding your clothes all in one room really saves time – and saves you looking for lost socks all over the house.

Laundry Installations

We understand that the laundry is an important work and storage room within every home and in most cases the laundry is probably one of the smallest rooms in the house. The good news is that with every laundry room, when talking to the right people, a great laundry makeover or custom laundry renovation solution is always available.

Armstrong is able to offer creative and effective custom laundry ideas and concepts to assist in maximizing cabinet space and bench top space, and incorporating creative style in making the laundry room a pleasant working environment.

laundry room renovation


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